What does healthy Mean to you?

Find your healthy!

It's important to me that....

Women feel strong in their bodies, empowered with their food choices, and love being what they feel is healthy. Because women deserve to lose weight without being told bullshit on how to get there-No MLM’s here. I thrive off honesty and science backed approaches, so you can sustainably lose that weight. Together, we’ll make your goals easier through a customized nutrition and exercise program that fits your current lifestyle, because when shit hits the fan your program shouldn’t work against you. So, let’s find your healthy!

Macros Matter

This is a 12-week macro-based nutrition program customized to help women lose weight. This program will help you create a lifestyle unique to you with science backed nutrition and a habit based approach.


Your all-in-one weight-loss program that strategically combines customized macro based nutrition with progressive strength training (bodybuilding focus) to lose weight working from the ground up. 

Postpartum to barbell

Doesn’t matter if you are 6 weeks to years after giving birth. Learn how to strength train and move again, not just for the gym, but for everyday life with our littles.  



i’m Candice

The creator of The Healthy Method. I believe that helping women train to get stronger in the gym while also teaching them how to eat for their body and lifestyle is the key to sustainable weight loss. 

At The Healthy Method, I specialize in educating you in body-building style strength training and macronutrient based nutrition, to achieve your goals!