"What dessert can you fit in tonight."

What's up? I'm Candice.

I know that isn’t the average quote you would hear from a health & fitness coach, but I am all about not giving a shit what the diet industry norms are, because quite frankly, it’s let women down for far too long.

After struggling with diet after diet myself, I realized there wasn’t enough help in the health & fitness industry for women and even less help in the postpartum world after having my daughter.  I decided to change that.

Fad diets and fast weight-loss solutions made it impossible to find sustainable results and real life outcomes while trying to lose weight. Everywhere I turned for scientific information, I had MLM products, pills, or wraps, shoved in my face as my answer to lose weight or worse, advising me to cut everything out of my diet that wasn’t considered “healthy”.

What did healthy even really mean? For me it meant having energy to get through my day, looking in a mirror and not picking myself apart, and feeling strong in the gym. None of which involved me having to resort to extreme weight-loss diets or cut anything out. 

So, I resorted to science, my love language, where I finished my associates in science. Went on to get certified in personal training, macronutrient coaching, and pre/postnatal corrective exercise. I didn’t stop there. I competed in a bodybuilding competition, lost over 20lbs, helped many women lose weight, gain confidence in the gym, and taught them how to make those habits stick, all while eating pizza, cake, or anything their heart desired. 

They felt strong in their bodies, empowered with their food choices, and loved being what they felt was healthy

That's The healthy method.

*WARNING* Once you implement what I teach you you will see incredible weight-loss results, become addicted to strength training (in the best way possible), and be OBSESSED with your new lifestyle. 

These may be bold statements, but I am an honest and upfront kinda woman, so let’s cut to the cheesecake.

losing weight shouldn't be hard-so, i'm here to make it easier.

After working with so many amazing women, I fine tuned my programs to not only give you the sustainable weight-loss results you need, but to teach you that incorporating the foods you love most is what will transform these new habits into a lifestyle. Together, we’ll make your weight-loss easier through a customized nutrition and exercise program. 

Random shit

Keeping starbucks in business with my coffee addiction since 2018

anime and youtube beauty drama are my favorite things to watch

my husband, daughter, two cats, and dogs are what makes my world go round

I used a pizza in my logo, but burgers are my favorite-shhh, it will be our little secret.