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with the last exercise and nutrition program you’ll ever need-buckle up, your go-to weight-loss program is going to blow your mind!

For every time I am wrong I'll do a burpee!

You struggle with

  • Knowing if your cookie cutter exercise and meal plan are actually getting you to your goals.
  • Knowing if you are eating enough of the ‘right’ stuff for your body type.
  • Pushing yourself in the gym, because you are terrified of injuring yourself. 
  • Feeling like you are never going to lose the weight, because you haven’t been holding yourself accountable to your calorie goals.
  • Knowing if you are even doing the exercises correctly.
  • Wasting hours each week searching on Pinterest for workouts to do. 

No, burpees today *wipes sweaty brow*

This can be you👀

Angie Side

 Down 21lbs., life is much better, more organized and I now feel like someone always has my back when any concerns come up in regards to my nutrition. I am most surprised at how independent I have become in the gym by doing workouts by myself. I have learned so many new things from how and when to properly use gym equipment to what is a macro when preparing my food! Candice is always working on new and innovative ways to keep it real, fresh, and exciting for her clients so you won’t be bored! Life is hectic enough and Candice is on top of things and won’t let you slide through the cracks!



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Your all-in-one weight-loss program that strategically combines customized macro based nutrition with progressive strength training (bodybuilding focus) to lose weight working from the ground up. This program will teach you the basics of strength training or hone in on the skills you already have. This unique system includes the science backed nutrition and habit based approach in Macros Matter, to speed up your metabolism and ensure fat loss

You will learn about macro theory, how to utilize macros everyday to achieve your goals, while practicing flexible dieting which will give your relationship with food a 180º and a lifestyle you love. You will also be learning the basics to strength training and conditioning, so you can move in the gym with confidence.

Here's what can happen when you say 'Hell Yes'

How it goes down

Meet your coach

Candice Moser

The creator of The Healthy Method. I believed that helping women train to get stronger in the gym while also teaching them how to eat for their body and lifestyle was the key to sustainable weight loss. After my own journey of losing 20lbs, I wanted women to have the same confidence I experienced with having true food freedom. 

It’s important to me that women feel strong in their bodies, empowered with their food choices, and love being what they feel is healthy. Because women deserve to lose weight without being told bullshit on how to get there-No MLM’s here. 

If you are ready to

Then, what the hell are you waiting for?

Client Results

Here's what you are going to get in


And this....

12-weeks of 1:1 coaching learning to lose fat and keep it off

Demo videos of all exercises, lifting tutorials, and cueing techniques personalized to you (not everyone learns with the same cues😉)

The ins & outs to flexible nutrition

Customized strength training plan based off flexibility, mobility, and strength assessments. Includes de-loads and rest days based around your monthly period cycle.

Calculated macros based off your body type, metabolic history, goals, and lifestyle

Weekly form analysis by simply uploading a video in The Healthy Method Fitness App

Understand how much to eat, what to eat, and why

New phases every 4 weeks that build on the previous; with options of 45-60 minutes, 3-5 days per week

Adaptive coaching and support to get you through the tough times and when sh*t hits the fan

"Think about this"

at the end of the 12 weeks you will

Psst....Take a peak into the healthy method app

What others are saying

“I was spiraling downhill after having my daughter. My hormones and body were all messed up and I really didn’t notice until friends and family started pointing it out to me! I feel so much better than before! I feel the progress photos show a huge difference from beginning to now! People are even starting to notice.”


I was struggling with self-doubt and change. I was stuck in a plateau and there honestly is no telling where I’d be right now if I hadn’t reached out to Candice. It feels like a dream with how many inches I lost. I haven’t seen this number on the scale in over a year and my clothes are fitting so much better!



12-week customized nutrition & exercise program
$ 347/mo
For 3 months
  • Customized macro adjustments to the gram (no macro calculators here)
  • Customized strength training plan with new progressive phases every 4 weeks
  • One-monthly 1:1 Call
  • One strategy session call
  • Customized food options (you just gotta cook it😉)
  • Daily access to your own macro certified coach (das me)
  • Personalized Recipe Library
  • Scheduled check-ins with your coach
  • Weekly form analysis of your lifts
  • Flexibility, mobility, and strength assessments
  • At-home or gym options all 45-60 mins per workout
  • Demo videos of how to perform every exercise
  • Beginner friendly Macro Guide (16-pages)
  • Meal Prep 101 Guide
  • Alcohol Tracking workbook
  • Macro Cheat Sheets
  • MyFitnessPal Tutorial
  • Quick Bites E-book (My fast-food & restaurant friendly options)
  • Access to 'The Healthy Method' App for tracking progress

You got Q's and I have A's

First off, congrats! Can’t wait to start this journey with you. 

Once you pay, you will receive 3 emails from:

  1. with what to expect, a link to book your strategy call, and a link to your personal library of resources.
  2. The Healthy Method app login.
  3. Hello Sign to start filling out your forms.

If you do not see any of these (check spam too) within 24 hours from payment, please email 

You have daily access to me for any questions with a response time of 24-48hrs. You will also have daily, weekly, and bi-weekly check-ins with a form to fill out at the end of your week. 

You will schedule one-monthly call where we get on the phone and chat for 30mins about how your progress is going, what’s working or not working, and setting up new goals for the next month with focused intentions. 

What you already wanna break up with me? If you aren’t ready to commit, then let’s chat about another option for you. You sign an agreement for 12-weeks, so it’s me and you, homegirl. 

Most of my clients stick around after the 12-weeks and continue crushing their goals in Foundations. I offer a re-sign discount to any of my programs you choose. The last week of your program we will be discussing current goals, outcome of the program, and setting new goals. If you decide to continue on we will specifically set a plan for continuing within a program. If you decide to give it a go on your own we will set a plan for how it would look moving forward by yourself. Either way you aren’t just thrown out by yourself. I got you. 

While I would love to guarantee your weight-loss, I cannot. Making major mindset, health, and body transformations have a lot of factors that contribute to the rate of fat loss like: adherence, effort, known or unknown underlying health conditions, consistency, and dieting history. But, with great consistency and adherence to your plan I have had many clients get the results they wanted. 

If you are working out at home you will need access to bands, dumbbells (5-25lbs), and eventually a barbell.

If you are working out at a gym we will customize your workouts to use whatever that gym has, but you may need some hip bands. 

This is a common misconception that it won’t work, because we are used to the ‘dieting’ approach. Macros work for anyone who has enough time to cook, meal prep, 5 mins in the evening to enter food in, and flexibility throughout the day to make minor adjustments if necessary. 

This will be a 60 minute call that’s scheduled ASAP, so we can dive deep into your schedule, what to expect the first week, setting initial goals, and spending time working on  customized meal ideas for you. 

  • You will need to purchase MyFitnessPal premium, because your customized macros will be to the gram not the percentage
  • Meal prep containers (glass or plastic)
  • Seamstress tape for measurements
  • Body weight scale
  • Food scale

No, this is strictly online. If you are needing 1:1 in person training sessions check out my postpartum to barbell program. 

Absolutely! If you are postpartum check out my Postpartum to Barbell Program. The awesome part about macros is anyone with any dietary needs can do it. I am Macronutrient and Pre/post natal certified. I have helped women who deal with PCOS, pregnant, breastfeeding, high blood pressure, and more. If you have any specific questions just email 

Since this is a 1:1 program I only have a certain amount of spots open. If currently closed, you can join the waitlist for when spots do open up.