Full day of outside activities (Macro-friendly ideas)

If you are anything like me, you THRIVE in spring and summer! One of my favorite things to do is move my workouts or activities to being outside as much as possible. I live in a very small town, so there aren’t many places to go that have ‘outdoor activities’. And while getting outside is great it can be difficult to keep on track with weight-loss as you don’t have much around you to help with water and macro-friendly food options (at least not for me). After living in the middle of nowhere for years, I have had to come up with ways to get outside while not sacrificing my weight-loss goals. So, I am going to share with you one of my favorite workouts to do that doesn’t require any equipment, places to go, and some great snacks/meals to bring with you so you can stay on track while enjoying spring and summer!

Body weight workout

Nothing is better than a body weight workout that is effective and doesn’t require any equipment. I love to do this when I don’t want to go to the gym and want to spend my time outside for the day. You can divide a workout up between body parts, but typically if I am doing this I am doing a full body workout. I have it outlined as sets x reps and if you want to make this harder you can: take less rest in between sets, add dumbbells, or use a child lol. 

3-4 x 12 Body squats

3 x 10-12 Push-ups (can modify to incline push-ups)

3-4 x 12 Dips

3 x 12 Glute Bridge

3 x 12 each leg Split Squats

3 x 12 Mountain Climbers

Kid (or dog friendly) workout

With it being spring and summer that means you may have your kids with you while wanting to workout or getting your dog(s) outside. We all know kids have to be doing what we are doing and what better way than to have them join with you! Before, I had my daughter, my dogs were all up in my business anytime I worked out at home, so these can be fun for them as well! This can be used as a circuit, tabata, or conditioning style to just get you moving. 

5-6 rounds

20 secs- Jumps, hops, or skips-my dogs love jumping with me

10-15- sec sprints anywhere or run back and forth

20 sec- crab walks

20 sec-side shuffle ea way

20 sec- wall sit-this is great to practice a sit and stay with your dog!

Rest for 30 secs and then repeat.

Places to hike

Sometimes, I get outdoors just to get some extra movement in for the day and with having two very energetic dogs I try to do things that they also love. They require lots of exercise so hiking/walking are my go-to’s. One of my favorite apps I have used is called, ‘All Trails’. It’s an app that has all the places local to you to hike, run, or bike. The best part about it is that it gives you a rating on how easy-difficult it is, how long it is/takes,  where to find it, a layout of the trail, pet friendly (on/off leash), and some trails even have pictures of the trails and where to find parking! Since I live in a rural area a lot of these trails are very hard to find, so this app has made it super easy to find new places to go. These trails are located in Tellico Plains, TN and Athens, TN.

Some of my favorite trails are:

  • Indian Boundary Lake trail-perfect length, beautiful scenery around the lake, fairly easy trail, great for riding bikes on or running, pet friendly (on leash), and not super busy during the week. We love to jump into the lake before we leave after we have walked the trail. 

  • Conasauga Falls trail-this is another fun trail with a beautiful little waterfall, this trail is a little more difficult and can be hard to find even with directions, it’s pet friendly (on leash), and also has openings to get in the water. 

  • Athens loop-this is located in the regional park, it does have a steep hill to start off, but there plenty of ways to take once you get to the top, this trail is a little more difficult imo due to how steep the trail is and the switchbacks, but it offers lots of shade which is nice in the middle of summer, and is pet friendly (on leash), this trail has a little more traffic since it is a park, but the park offers some great activities for kids also if you don’t feel like hiking. 

  • Eureka Trail-is a great beginner trail, offering plenty of shade, pet friendly (on leash), light traffic, plenty of parking, and easy to find. 

Post workout snacks or meals

Nothing hits better than a post-activity snack or meal. I always try to eat before I do anything, but still end up hangry after doing anything ‘remotely’ challenging. I try to make sure it has protein and carbs, but if I don’t have a protein source I make sure to get the carbs in for sure. Some food items I bring with me that don’t require a cooler are:

  • Protein bar

  • Any fruit, but normally a banana (these are great snacks for kids and dogs as well)

  • Tuna packs with crackers

  • Tuna sandwich

  • PB & J sandwich

  • Beef jerky

  • Protein shake (use water instead of milk)

If I decide to eat out at a fast food or restaurant I always aim for the following items:

  • Grilled chicken: sandwich, salad, nuggets, etc. pay attention to condiments put on these.

  • Soft serve vanilla ice cream: great snack for kids and dogs to cool them down and its all carbs whoot whoot.

  • Steak tacos: can get at a fastfood place or restaurant. 

  • Sandwich: like subway, firehouse subs, or a restaurant sandwich. Ham and turkey are my favorites with extra meat to help with the protein. Most places offer curbside now, so you don’t even have to go in. 

There you have it! Some of my favorite ways to get outdoors while still staying on track for my weight-loss. What are some of your favorite outdoor activities?

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