My top favorite anime’s

It’s probably a shock most that I am obsessed with anime, but in my defense, I have loved it before it was ‘cool’😂. I have only watched these anime’s, so I am basing my opinions off the show as I didn’t have access to manga’s🙈. 

I have an ongoing list of the ones I want to watch, but these are the OG’s and a couple of newer ones I love. 

  1. Naruto-this is a longer anime however, save yourself the time and skip the fillers. You can always go back and watch it again with all the fillers, but there’s some seasons that are only fillers. This is the anime that got me into anime. I don’t count pokemon, yu-gi-oh, or avatar, because they weren’t quite the same (even though I watched those many times). The more times you watch Naruto the more you become obsessed with it. You watch him grow up and fight for his dream to become Hokage. Many people may not recommend this, due to how long it is, but I love to watch a story unfold with tons of action. If you need something quick and to the point this won’t be a good start for you.
  2. Bleach-another longer anime, but again, skip the fillers. This is a little more fast paced with very few episodes that didn’t have something going on. I love the simplicity of watching Ichigo become stronger while also keeping you interested in the story. There’s moments of winning and even some downfalls he has to come back from. I have watched this many times and stay interested everytime. 
  3. My hero academia-this is a newer anime and while it’s not as fulfilling with the main character being an immediate ‘badass’ it does have some additional characters that are! This is one of the first anime’s I have watched where multiple characters could be a ‘main character’. Obviously, you have the one, deku, but they go into so much detail about the other characters it keeps it interesting. This is not a finished anime, so I am basing it off of what is out currently, but the powers and trainings to hone in on them is 😙 *chef’s kiss*. 
  4. Blood+-This is an oldie, but I have gone back and watched it multiple times. It’s not a storyline I have come across, so it was definitely interesting. There are creatures and a special group is used to kill them, but a high school girl has no memory except for recent years and she learns she’s the only one who can make them go away completely. This anime does have a little more of a ‘love’ story incorporated into, then the other anime’s I have mentioned, but they tie it in very well.
  5. Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood-another anime I have watched so many times and one that I feel is a great start into anime. Two brothers have an alchemy experiment go wrong which leads them down a journey to fix what they did. The brothers encounter a lot and it’s cool to watch them grow and become exceptional with their skill of alchemy. I wish this anime would continue, but for what we have to watch it’s a pretty good damn anime. 


That’s it! My top favorite anime’s! Do you watch anime? If so, what are your faves?👇

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