No, worries. IF you aren't wanting to get pregnant the 'Before a bump' options are perfect for you also!

Being healthy goes deeper than just how we look. Someone can look ‘healthy’ and in fact, be the unhealthiest they have been. This is why The Healthy Method offers 1:1 customized options, so I can tailor your program to you. Below you can choose between programs before you get pregnant or after! 

1:1 nutrition

Macros Matter is a 12-week macro-based nutrition program customized to help women lose weight. 

1:1 Exercise & Nutrition

Foundations is your all-in-one weight-loss program that strategically combines customized macro based nutrition with progressive strength training (bodybuilding focus) to lose weight working from the ground up.

Postpartum 1:1 exercise & nutrition

Doesn’t matter if you are 6 weeks to years after giving birth. Learn how to strength train and move again, not just for the gym , but for everyday life with our littles.