Client Testimonials

Before I met Candice, I was so intimidated by the gym and how to use the equipment. She helped me gain the confidence to work out at a gym, know what I’m doing, and know that I’m using everything correctly. She’s the biggest motivator, always in your corner. You come out of a program feeling like you’ve made a lifelong friend. I gained the confidence to know I can count my macros, go to the gym, hit my goals and still indulge in all the things I love! I learned that we all have a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, but it’s all about how you get up and show up for yourself. I’ve lost my insecurities about my body. I’ve gained so many things by learning and working with Candice.


Tawny Side

I wasn’t completely comfortable with my body still carrying around “baby weight” 2 years after I had the kid and I was always drained of energy from not getting the proper nutrients I needed. I was worried about anxiety getting in the way of the gym but when I would get nervous she would definitely snap me back into go mode and remind me everyone started somewhere and also “headphones in and no eye contact” 🤣  (I’m not a people person in the gym lol). I now feel more energized and definitely more confident with my body I hit a few rough spots as far as being overwhelmed with life/work/gym balance but when those things happened I had already had my routine in place thanks to the very specific workout schedule and tools provided to me from the program I was still able to keep pushing through and get back on track to end at 140 pounds! My goal was 135 which I felt was a bit of a long shot so I see this as a huge win especially when I’m fitting into jeans that I haven’t been able to wear in 3 years! I also was able to conquer my anxiety of going to the gym by myself which was a huge thing for me!


I was 232lbs and am now 196lbs. I was hopeless going from diet to diet and nothing helping. I started in the free program and lost 17lbs. I was worried about paying for someone to tell me how to be healthy, but after the Facebook group I knew something was working! I then signed up for the macro program. I lost 14lbs in the macro program. I ate cheesecake almost every night! I did not dread being on this diet like most. I am now at a gym furthering my progress but I could never be this active if I hadn’t completed this program and lost the weight first!


I was tired and was always hungry. I wasn’t sure what to eat, so I was eating a lot less than I should have. I felt like I could trust her in helping me reach my goals because she was also a mom who had recently had a baby too! I knew she’d get it. I felt stronger and have started to feel more confident in my own Skin. I don’t feel like I have to starve myself to get to my goals. Candice makes me feel inspired, motivated, and challenged.


Jackie Back

the healthy method works for men too!